My mission is to empower the world one Inspirator™ at a time to own your health and live your dream life right now, doing what you love with those you love every single day!


Inspirator – An Inspiration and Motivator in one.  Emerson Shirey, Age 5

Become an Inspiratorâ„¢ Coach Today!

So often my clients come to me burned out, agitated they can’t live in the moment with their families, and honestly a bit too comfortable in their comfort zones… 

My gift is to meet people where they are at and show them that they can break away from: 

  • Feeling like they will never reach full happiness because they have a constant fear of not doing or being enough. 
  • Letting life pass by them without living in the moment and fully enjoy it. 
  • The anxiousness in taking some downtime for themselves, and anxiousness in the time it takes for things to change within themselves. 
  • Not being fully present in their days because they’re just waiting for the other shoe to drop. 

If any of this sounds like you or your team members. I’m here for you, I’ve got you and I show you exactly how to become your own Inspirator™!


I show women how to step into their happiness to create a lifetime of living within their own bodies, and become the joyful active person they know themselves to be! 

I strengthen women starting from within, so you can strengthen yourself, your team, and your relationships!

When we work together, here’s exactly what you can expect:

1. I train you from the inside out, showing you how you can be intrinsically motivated!

2. I am committed to empowering you to live out your dream life!

3. It’s my job to show you that you are stronger than you realize and that you are capable of living your most vibrant, dynamic, energized, and love-filled life!

Become a certified Inspirator Coach and learn-by-doing so you can level up yourself AND your team!


Become an Inspiratorâ„¢ Coach Today!
Get ready for the epic experiences to challenge and empower yourself to live your dream life, and start feeling incredible, motivated, and inspired to reach your goals!
Challenge & Empower Yourself
 Want to see an Inspirator™ in real action? I’d love to come and show you some tools for your team!


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My mission is to empower the World one Inspirator™ at a time to own their health and live their dream life right now, doing what they love with those they love every single day!

My mission in life is to empower women to realize what they are worthy and capable of accomplishing every day, to live their most empowered and impactful life possible as their OWN Inspirator™! I do so through challenging my clients to own their own health and wellness in fitness, active adventures, and empowering them in Inspirator™ Coaching. focus is to train oneself from the inside out with health as the foundation to what you do every day. To release what is not serving you, step into what does and grow into your strongest sense self, one step at a time. I energize my clients to take care of those they love, doing what they love and are meant to share with the world. I have been expanding my mission through heartfelt work and connecting via laughter, positive energy, mindfulness, fitness, guided empowerment shifts, grounding exercises, and “digging deep so Inspirators can play hard”.

I want to see you take charge of your life and be your own Inspirator™! 

-Erin Kreitz Shirey

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“With different stages of life comes a need for different systems to support empowered living. Having seen success with Inspirator systems as an entrepreneur, I’m now able to apply them to my life as a full-time working mom in the corporate sector.  I returned to a career as a Senior Workforce Health Consultant for Kaiser Permanente after four years away, and I’m not sure that would have been possible without embracing the Inspirator lifestyle learned through the coaching certification.

A few weeks into starting, and I realized some big shifts were needed for me to own my time, fit in fitness, and have the quality time I desire as a family.  The Inspirator morning system quickly came into play and was a game-changer.

I’m grateful for the mindset shifts I’ve embodied that allow me to be flexible and adjust to an ever-changing environment.  I’ve also been able to continue to grow my role as a Noonday Collection Coach empowering women to achieve their goals while creating dignified jobs all over the world.

It’s all about mapping out your dream life and moving closer and closer to it each day!”

-Bridgette Binford, Senior Workforce Health Consultant


“I met Erin in 2018 at a retreat and as soon as she led one of our sessions I was like this woman is awesome... so motivating and so grounded. After spending 2 days with her I was keen to sign up for her mastermind workshop specifically for our group. From that moment the rest is history as I have grown as a person, taken more risks from a business stand point and have taken control of my life. All from Erin’s motivational Coaching sessions, words and the Inspirator TM systems. Now I can’t wait to use these systems with other women as I work through becoming a certified Inspirator Coach myself! Thank you Erin.”


Michelle Hibbert-Washington 

Future Inspirator TM Coach, Health, Wellness & Sexual Empowerment Coach