Experiences that will challenge and empower yourself to live your Dream Life Now, feeling incredible, motivated and inspired to reach for every goal possible. These retreats will change YOU and change your life!

The Inspirator™ Retreat: Celebrate All That You Are, All That You Dream Of, And All Of The Magic You Have Yet To Create!

“Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone.”
-Neale Donald Walsch


Are You Ready To Live Life More Vibrantly, To Start Living In The Moment, And To Start Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone?

When you embark on the journey to becoming your own inspirator™, here is what I want for you… 

  • I want you to reach full happiness in all areas of your life, because you deserve to be supported as you set your goals and live out your dream life. 
  • I want you to learn how to live in the moment and be fully present for yourself and your family. 
  • Imagine having the patience and positive outlook and taking downtime for yourself and fully savoring it!  

I’m here for you, I’ve got you, and I want to show you exactly how to become your own Inspirator™ at my next Inspirator™ Retreat! 

Join the ranks of 100’s of other Inspirator™ graduates who have learned how to step out of their comfort zone and live out who they were made to be!


Welcome to…

The Boise Inspirator™ Retreat -Fall 2021


Join us for an Inspirator Retreat to Celebrate all that is healthy, inspiring, motivational, and joyful!

Take this time just for YOU to connect your whole self with Fitness, Motivational Tools, Holistic Health, Meditations, Dream and Life Building Guides, Optimism Empowerment and so much more than you could imagine!

In living out our daily lives, we often don’t give ourselves permission to focus solely on ourselves. 

This retreat is about taking the time for YOU and to have a FUN and INSPIRING adventure!

My main mission for you during this retreat? 

  • For you to push you outside of your comfort zone through outdoor adventures so you can further step into who you were made to be! 
  • For you to start taking those first steps towards your dream Inspirator™ life and making your big audacious goals a reality! 
  • For you to grow both personally, emotionally, and physically through my empowerment coaching, our outdoor adventures and workout sessions, and through new authentic connections! 

I will help you set goals for your life, how you want to live, and how you want to show up! 

Coined “The Gem of the Northwest” Boise is the go-to place for all things outdoor recreation with a big-city flavor wrapped into one! 


During your stay, you’ll get to enjoy all that Boise has to offer including the prominent recreational community and healthy living lifestyle that the city of Boise embodies!

“This location has been a BIG AUDACIOUS GOAL to share with all of you. We moved to Boise, Idaho 4 years ago after mapping out our own Dream Life and now to share the city with you is a gift.” -Erin

During your stay, you will be staying in the beautiful spacious Retreat Home  that is a short walk away from downtown Boise. 

  • Newly Remodeled 5 Bedroom/ 5 Bathroom home in the heart of the North End 
  • Space to enjoy your morning coffee while enjoying cozy conversations on the couches
  • Yoga oasis 
  • Fitness Classes in the yard or 2 blocks away at Elm Grove Park 
  • Easy walk to Hyde Park under the Fall Trees
  • Peaceful & Zen Retreat space to nourish your experience

Who is the Inspirator™ Retreat for?

  • Those looking to put in the work to start living their life to the fullest! 
  • Those who are hungry to finally do the inner work that will hold themselves accountable to follow through with their goals! 
  • Those who are ready to put themselves as their top priority, so they aren’t constantly pouring into their loved ones when their own cup is empty. 
  • Those who are ready to step into their power and become the best version of themselves!
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What’s Included?

When listening to my dream 6 years ago, it told me to create Inspirator Retreats, a fitness and empowerment retreat unlike any other. A retreat that combined fitness challenges, hiking adventures, body empowerment, living out your dreams, welcomed mindfulness, yoga, holistic healthy joy, and owning an Inspirator Life! It felt big and audacious, which let me know I had to make it happen for others.

Thursday, November 4th- Sunday, November 7th, 2021
Boise, Idaho

Retreat includes:

Daily adventures throughout Boise
Incredible farm to table meals for breakfast and lunch
Special Dinner
Yoga Sessions
Daily workouts with Inspirator Founder Erin Kreitz Shirey
Daily Inspirator Coaching with a focus on Dream Living NOW Erin Kreitz Shirey
Body Empowerment Coaching
Fitness Adventures at the Retreat (Mountain Biking, Hiking, Hot Springs, Kayaking)
Shared Bedroom in a lovely home


Grand Total: ONLY $1,997

* Cost of Retreat does not include airfare or transportation to and from the airport.

 *Due to the current state of the Country, if you prefer staying at a hotel for sleeping, the Retreat is $1397 vs $1997)

**An option to join a small group for 2 months of Pre-Retreat Monthly Team Coaching can be added for just $300

***A percentage of the Inspirator Retreat At Home benefits UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital.

Throughout 2020 and 2021, we have all been waiting to connect in person, to rise and be surrounded by inspiring people. To learn and grow, travel to beautiful places, and LIVE our Dream Lives without hesitation.

You don't need to do anything but get there and be ready to enjoy each moment!

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"Erin's retreat was a wonderful reset for me both physically and mentally. I highly recommend taking the time out for yourself as it is worth every penny!" - Kelley Anne S.


"It was truly fantastic! The unity of all of us showing up to be the best version of ourselves was amazing to see. The content, the workouts, the meditations combined with the positivity had me glowing for months after. Amazing!" - Michelle B. 


"One thing that stuck with me from the Retreat and that I still hold on to are the little sayings that are still stuck in my mind. Once example is “can’t wait for something to happen, you have to make it happen.” I feel that have really incorporated that into my goals. Instead of waiting for the perfect time to start, I am just jumping in. It might take me a little longer or be a bumpier ride than I envisioned but there is never a perfect time.

At the retreat I really enjoyed talking with the other women and hearing that I am not alone out there. All of us struggle with the work/life balance and how raise great kids and finding time for ourselves. I just want to add that I now have a 333 rule for myself. At 3:00p.m I walk up and down 3 flights of stairs 3 times. (I work on the 3rd floor). This gets me up from my desk in the afternoon and gets my blood flowing and only take a couple of minutes. Plus I walk up 150 stairs each day." - Sharon Burke

My mission in life is to empower women to realize what they are worthy and capable of accomplishing every day, to live their most empowered and impactful life possible as their OWN Inspirator™! I do so through challenging my clients to own their own health and wellness in fitness, active adventures, and empowering them in Inspirator™ Coaching. focus is to train oneself from the inside out with health as the foundation to what you do every day. To release what is not serving you, step into what does and grow into your strongest sense self, one step at a time. I energize my clients to take care of those they love, doing what they love and are meant to share with the world. I have been expanding my mission through heartfelt work and connecting via laughter, positive energy, mindfulness, fitness, guided empowerment shifts, grounding exercises, and “digging deep so Inspirators can play hard”.

I want to see you take charge of your life and be your own Inspirator™! 

-Erin Kreitz Shirey


The Past Year And A Half Have Been A Gift To Allow Us To See That Living Our Best Life In The Here And Now Is The Most Important Piece To Living a Vibrant and Fulfilled Life!


The 2022 Inspirator Retreat May Be In Hawaii Next Year, You’ll Never Get It At This Price Again With Travel So Close To Home! 


If I have to change travel plans because I get sick, will I be able to get a refund or transfer? 

  • Your health and safety come first. If less than 5 weeks out from the Retreat, you will be able to get a transfer to a future Retreat event and/or Inspirator Coaching Experience.  If more than 5 weeks out (before September 26th, 2021), you may receive a refund. 
  • Before or upon your arrival at the retreat, you will be asked to sign a waiver. 


Will I have to share a room or a bathroom with someone? 

  • Due to the size of the house, you will most likely be sharing a room with another individual, and be sharing a bathroom. 
  • If you prefer your own room, you may stay at a hotel instead of the house. If you choose this route the price of the retreat goes to $1397. 

Are you requiring all the people staying in the house to get vaccinated? 

  • We believe that it's your body and your choice, while we aren’t requiring it, we are encouraging it. In order to attend the Retreat everyone needs to either be vaccinated or show a negative COVID Test within 72 hours of the Retreat (November 1st/2nd 2021)
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