Join what is the incredible Endless Summer of Self Love Academy!

8 weeks of Expansive Magic!

Over the course of the Academy, we will dig into YOU and how you are worthy of stepping into BIG adventures (just like in Summer) all year long! This is for the vision seekers eager to go after the massive goals while living the life they Dream!

We will open up coaching, conversations and connection about:

  • Self Love
  • Owning your Worth
  • Owning your HEALTH - now!
  • Stepping into Endless Joy!
  • Creating from a grounded and healing place
  • Opening up TIME!
  • Releasing Old Stories and Receiving the continual BLISS you Desire and Deserve
  • Creating the Summer Mindset throughout the Year
  • Nurturing your health like a Tropical Smoothie morning!

The Endless Summer of Self Love Academy was created for you, by requests from you!


Jump In For 2022
“This Inspirator systems really work! I would not be in as good of shape personally, professionally, as a Mom and Wife had I not been in the Inspirator Mastermind this year! What a year we all had with 2020, but right now I have the most amazing foundation in place. I grew my business, while taking back my life and am ready for 2021! As Erin says, when one of us rises up to reach goals, we're all inspired to rise up and reach bigger goals together!
I invite you to do the Inspirator Academy!"
- Deanna SB.


Say Yes!

It Will Entail:

3 sessions/month for 2 months

2x 1:1 Coaching Sessions with Erin Kreitz Shirey

Expansive Workbooks



Health & Wellness Guide

Kicks off September 14th!

Space is Limited - reserve your "Cabana" by August 31st and you get a BONUS 1:1 Session to happen the next 2 weeks!

You are your OWN Inspirator!


Grab your spot here!

2 Payments of $597
One Payment of $997