Get on board and be ready to fly into the Inspirator way of living, working, doing, BEing every single day!  

Life has shifted from how work was done pre-pandemic. Now is the time for corporations, like yours, to lead the way in incorporating the "whole employee" philosophy every single day.  The shift in empowering team members to own their health as a foundation of their intrinsic motivation to work smarter and enhance their goal setting abilities is paramount to the success of any company.


Right now, it’s time we live empowered and become our own Inspirators, both inside and outside the workplace. We need to be a TEAM and hold one another accountable to live life fully. Get ready to have inspiration flow, feel empowered and deeply connected. It is time for companies to rise up, and pave the way to doing business with heart. 

Why Choose Us?

Your dreams, whatever they may be, are within reach. But, right now, you’re not quite sure how to reach them. You are wondering, how will I have energy to work on them outside of your daily demands? All you are focusing on is the future. You’re not living in the present moment. Missing moments that are so important to you or your family. 

The Inspirator Corporate Coaching & Fitness program is the rainbow bridge between HR programs and corporate wellness. Bridging the gap increases ROI, energy, focus, teamwork, and enhanced community and spirit.  

There is a disconnect in retaining employees and we need to embark on a new corporate ethos centered around the whole person wellness approach. The old way of working no longer fits our new world and the Inspirator Coaching System brings much needed light to the corporate environment.  

The Inspirator Coaching System implements new methodology that enhances health, wellness, joy, happiness, community, connection, mental health, work ethic, confidence, and accountability. Employees deserve to feel empowered, seen, and heard.

Meet Erin

Erin’s mission is to empower the world one Inspirator™ at a time to own your health and live your dream life right now, doing what you love with those you love every single day!

Erin Kreitz Shirey is the creator of Inspirator™ Coach Certification, Personal Trainer, and Empowerment Coach. Erin’s mission in life is to empower those around her to realize their full potential. By reaching their full potential they are able to live their most empowered and impactful lives, inspiring those around them.  

Training oneself from the inside out with health and fitness as the foundation to your daily routine is central to becoming your own Inspirator. Erin teaches to release what is not serving and step into what does. By taking one step at a time you feel energized to do what you love, take care of those you love, and share your impactful energy with the world. 

Erin energizes her clients to take care of those they love, doing what they love and are meant to share with the world. Erin has been expanding her mission through heartfelt work and connecting via laughter, positive energy, mindfulness, fitness, guided empowerment shifts, grounding exercises, and “digging deep so Inspirators can play hard”.

  • Feeling like they will never reach full happiness because they have a constant fear of not doing or being enough. 
  • Letting life pass by them without living in the moment and fully enjoying it. 
  • The anxiousness in taking some downtime for themselves, and anxiousness in the time it takes for things to change within themselves. 
  • Not being fully present in their days because they’re just waiting for the other shoe to drop. 

If any of this sounds like you or your team members. I’m here for you, I’ve got you and I show you exactly how to become your own Inspirator™!


Erin’s multifaceted experience working in corporate wellness and running her own business for the last 18 years has shown her what works and what doesn’t.  

Erin has trained thousands of men and women, built businesses and sold them, and grown while working through multiple obstacles. There is not one method that will work forever because the path to making sure each employee feels supported, seen, and heard is ever changing. 

The Inspirator Coaching Program sets the foundation for improved relationships with employees through any and all cultural shifts.

  • Business Mentor | Inspirator Coach | Motivational Speaker | Health Coach
  • Education: BS Kinesiology, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
  • Health Coach, ACE, TRX, Fit to Deliver, Real Ryder, Tabata Boot Camp, Mat Pilates, Sports Nutrition, Women's Wellness Programming 
  • Erin is an Award-winning Personal Trainer, Life-Changing Inspirator™ Coach, Motivational Speaker, Best Selling Author, and Athlete. 
  • Red Tricycle named her a Mom on a Mission, Portland Monthly voted the Inspirator programs the “Best Way to Lose the Baby Weight”, Alameda Magazine awarded her the Best Personal Trainer, she was named Baby Boot Camp Franchise Owner of the Year, and PFP named her one of the Top 10 Trainers in the Country. 

How It Works

The Inspirator programs are effective, practical, and easy to implement. They help ease the challenges of employee retention by focusing on well being, joy, community, validation, and connection. 

The programs get to the root cause of disconnect between employees and their employer through actionable every day steps that create massive change over time.

Learn how to use health as the foundation to step into a positive mindset, get trained emotionally and physically from the inside out, spread the mission of empowering others, and apply various systems to inspire and motivate. 

Those who go through the Inspirator Coaching Program will tap into their whole self inside and outside of work by infusing joy, adventure, and happiness into all they do. The carryover effect is increased teamwork, the desire to reach goals, to feel comfortable speaking up, and the confidence to own their space. 

Our Services

8 week coaching and workshop series with once a week meetings.

By tapping into our inner selves and training from the inside out the leadership team will be able to release what caused them to be stuck in certain patterns. Women will have a greater sense of community causing them to feel supported in their whole being. This will free up space to set goals and shine with confidence by holding their own space by making their voice heard.

ROI: Women feel they can breathe easier, are less stressed, feel supported to go for bigger professional and personal goals. 

Who This Is Best For: Female Leadership Team
12 week or 6 week certification program

The Inspirator Certification program includes a 12 week certification and 6 weeks of hands-on practice hours. Each week fresh Inspirator systems and training are taught in a group setting with real-life practical steps to “learn while doing” vs. learning for a test. When trained through the coaching system, Inspirator Coaches can assist with consistency in the workplace.

Having Inspirator Certified Coaches at companies to guide, empower, and implement the various systems to keep their employees and clients supported and held accountable.

Who This Is Best For: HR team, corporate leadership coaches, corporate wellness & productivity upper management

“Becoming an Inspirator Coach has shifted my growth and mindset so much over the last year. When doing the certification, I implemented all the tools on myself first and have seen a dramatic shift in how I am proceeding through life. It has really been eye opening. I have worked closely with family and friends over the last few months, helping them navigate through their own personal journeys and I have loved seeing the growth and shift in them too, especially when they tell me what they are putting into practice and the outcome from that. The joy from them fills my heart with so much joy. I have loved every minute of this journey so far and I feel so fulfilled and I know that this is the path I am supposed to be on. I look forward to expanding my coaching in 2021!”

- Andrea Casey, Wellness & Inspirator TM Coach, Dublin, Ireland

More info: 

Quarterly or Bi-Monthly (every other month) Energetic Team Building

Monthly Workshops focused on all aspects of overall health and wellness with tangible tips on how to incorporate the tips into everyday life. Quarterly or Bi-Monthly (every other month) Energetic Team Building Wellness Adventure Days such as Hiking, Boot Camps, Snow Shoeing, Biking, Yoga, Sound Bowl Healing, Meditation.

To enhance the current HR offerings in order to implement the health and wellness protocols in tangible ways. Employees will have a better connection to themselves, their company, and their community. Simple tweaks will be instilled that can be implemented to take away the overwhelming feeling of exercise and wellness routines. 

ROI: Better productivity, retention, team development, increased self esteem and motivation, job satisfaction, and joy.

Who This Is Best For: The company overall, best for the entire team via Zoom and smaller breakout sessions with the various departments.
Bi-annual or quarterly adventure days.

Inspirator Adventure Days are bi-annual or quarterly adventure days. Similar to Inspirator Day Retreats, Adventure Days are time blocks set for the team to come together and dig deeper into all that is possible in their professional and personal lives. They combine health, wellness, goal setting, empowerment shifts, team building, growth mindset shifts, learning how to turn challenges into opportunities to grow.


Having Inspirator Certified Coaches at companies to guide, empower, and implement the various systems to keep their employees and clients supported and held accountable. Inspirator Adventure Days help facilitate increased moral, energy, retention, and teamwork within specific departments and the company overall. 

Who This Is Best For: Key leadership team, chief HRO, and Departmental Breakouts

"With different stages of life comes a need for different systems to support empowered living. Having seen success with Inspirator systems as an entrepreneur, I’m now able to apply them to my life as a full-time working mom in the corporate sector. I returned to a career as a Senior Workforce Health Consultant for Kaiser Permanente after four years away, and I’m not sure that would have been possible without embracing the Inspirator lifestyle learned through the coaching certification.

A few weeks into starting, and I realized some big shifts were needed for me to own my time, fit in fitness, and have the quality time I desire as a family. The Inspirator morning system quickly came into play and was a game changer. 

I’m grateful for mindset shifts I’ve embodied that allow me to be flexible and adjust to an ever-changing environment. I’ve also been able to continue to grow my role as a Noonday Collection Coach empowering women to achieve their goals while creating dignified jobs all over the world.

It’s all about mapping out your dream life and moving closer and closer to it each day!"

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