My mission is to empower the world one Inspirator™ at a time to own your health and live your dream life right now, doing what you love with those you love every single day!

You’re a woman on the go juggling a career, after-school activities, family events, and you’re killing it! But something is nudging you that you were made for more…


Your dreams, whatever they may be are within reach, but you’re not quite sure how to reach them, let alone have more energy to work on the outside of your daily demands, and all you can focus on sometimes is the future and what it holds and how to get there, all the while you’re not living in the present moments that are so important to you or your family. 

Friend, let me tell you, there is a way to shift your mindset and feel invincible AND present with your life, your career, and your team. 

This is where I come in, I am Erin Kreitz Shirey, creator of  Inspirator™ Coach Certification, Personal Trainer, and Empowerment Coach.

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“The only thing you don’t get back in life is time, why waste it? Make your time count now.” -Erin Kreitz Shirey

In October 2013, when I was pregnant with my youngest daughter Finley, I was in the backyard practicing for my next morning’s boot camp. While I was doing Burpees, my middle daughter Emerson, who was age 5 at the time, was biking around the backyard and said, “Mama, if you can do that many burpees with that big baby belly your boot campers have no excuse. You are an Inspirator.” My response to Emerson, “What’s an Inspirator?”. “An Inspiration and Motivator in one!” with a “duh” tone in her voice. Immediately I smiled, wrote down the word, and shifted my entire business to empower the World to become their OWN Inspirator!

My mission in life is to empower women to realize what they are worthy and capable of accomplishing every day, to live their most empowered and impactful life possible as their OWN Inspirator™!

 I do this through challenging women to own their own health and wellness in fitness and active adventures while empowering them in Inspirator™ Coaching, Inspirator™ Coaching Certifications, Inspirator™ Fitness & Empowerment Retreats, and Motivational Speaking. 

My focus is to train oneself from the inside out with health as the foundation to what you do every day. I teach women to release what is not serving them, step into what does, and grow into their strongest sense self, one step at a time. The result? You feel energized to take care of those you love, doing what you love, and are meant to share with the World. 

I’m expanding my mission through heartfelt work and connecting via laughter, positive energy, mindfulness, fitness, guided empowerment shifts, grounding exercises and
“digging deep so Inspirators™ can play hard”.

Join the Inspirator TEAM today- become an Inspirator ™ Coach!

Erin Kreitz Shirey


Award-winning Personal Trainer, Life-Changing Inspirator™ Coach, Motivational Speaker, Best Selling Author, and Athlete. Red Tricycle named her a Mom on a Mission, Portland Monthly voted her programs the “Best way to Lose the Baby Weight”, Alameda Magazine awarded her the Best Personal Trainer and PFP Named her one of the Top 10 Trainers in the Country. 

Erin founded and created Inspirator Fitness & Empowerment Retreats in 2015, and created what she desired to go to herself, which was exciting to give that experience to others. The Inspirator™ Fitness & Empowerment Retreats were created to bring women to beautiful locations, guide them through fitness adventures, and expand through Inspirator™ coaching, meditation, yoga, and goal-setting workshops. The Retreats are a branch of Inspirator™ Coaching & Fitness through her Certified Inspirator™ Coaching program. The vision is to grow the team to 100 Certified Inspirator™ Coaches by the end of 2021 and empowering the world one Inspirator at a time.

Join the Inspirator TEAM today- become an Inspirator ™ Coach!

Family is at the Heart of Everything Erin Believes


Being Mom to Makenzie, Emerson, and Finley, Erin’s 3 dynamic daughters is her heart’s work. They inspire her daily, educate her on the power of positivity, courage, being silly on TikTok, and living in the moment! All three are medical miracles who have beat the odds, and their medical challenges are what transformed how the Shirey family lives fully every day. It is also what inspired Erin to shift from owning boot camps and fitness challenges with Inspirator™ Coaching, to step in bigger with Inspirator™ Coaching Certification in helping others. 

When not at the soccer field or hiking the trails of Boise, the Shirey family is mapping out adventures wherever they can. Through the medical challenges, they embraced a Gaelic phrase Embrace Life’s Challenges, deciding not to hold back on living their Dream Life. They took a leap of faith and moved to Boise in 2017, having visited one time and have been happily on the ski slopes or hiking trails every day since.  In addition, the adventure to Hawaii as much as possible with a dream to buy a second home on the Big Island.


A Lifelong Heart-Centered Athlete

Erin is a lifelong triathlete who found the sport at age 16, she raced for Cal Poly where she found a deeper appreciation for the sport. Erin was not the fastest individually at the 3 sports, however when putting them together magic happens. Erin placed top 10 women in the SLO Half Marathon, Oakland Half Marathon, Pacific Grove Triathlon, and Alcatraz Triathlon among others. She placed 2nd female at the Men’s Health Urbanathlon National Championship, just 2 weeks before her 40th birthday. Erin loves the Half Ironman Distance and is currently training for a fun race season ahead, COVID dependent. Erin feels no goal is too great, it is all how you decide to take action and own into your strengths in reaching it! 

Join the Inspirator TEAM today- become an Inspirator ™ Coach!